Maintenance & Repairs

Our dedication to keeping vessels from being delayed in port is remarkable. Ships can’t afford to delay their sailings, even for repairs. That’s why we are available on a 24-hour to service vessels at any cargo pier.

Marine Services:

  • Blasting and Painting
  • Cofferdam Repairs
  • Electrical and Electronic Repair Works
  • Mechanical Repair & Engine Works
  • Marine Pipe Repairs and Fabrication Works
  • Steel Repairs and Fabrication Work

Steel Repair

Our fabrication shop provides pre-fabrication and installation of vessel sub-assemblies and custom work through shearing, rolling and classification societies certified welders.

Piping Repair

Services Include: custom pipe fabrication, on-board pipe installations, alterations or renewals, pre- fabrication of pipe sections, and pipe bending, fitting and testing.

Painting & Blasting

Services Include: high pressure water and sand blasting, sand vacuum system for efficient grit removal, and floating, self-contained blasting and coatings barge. Interior/exterior surface preparation meets SSPC/NACE sandblasting standards.

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