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Our passion for good design informs everything we do. Good design flows from understanding, knowledge and experience. Our design process, driven by our dedicated team of Naval Architects, ensures a consistent delivery of practical and tailored solutions for you.

With many decades of naval architecture design experience we can offer a structured and logical process to learning about your requirements, describing them in drawings and specification drawings and developing them into working design output for production.

The Conceptual Design Process Includes:

  • Exterior Styling
  • Interior Arrangements
  • Space Planning
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Vessel Performance Calculations
  • Vessel Specifications
  • Preliminary Hull Design

Detailed Design Includes:

  • Hull Form and Outfitting Design
  • Structural and Mechanical Attributes
  • Stability Analysis

Naval Architectural Calculations

  • Scantling calculations
  • Stability booklets – Satisfies all statutory stability criteria
  • Damage stability and Probabilistic Damage Stability
  • Tonnage and freeboard calculations
  • Load line calculations
  • Inclining experiments and Deadweight Survey

Conceptual Design

  • Determination of the principle particulars, design concept and artistic style
  • Various preliminary rule calculations to ensure Class compliance
  • Estimation of steel weight
  • Preparation of outline Technical Specifications
  • Preparation of preliminary General Arrangement Plan

Production Detailing

  • We use a design programs for doing production drawings which delivers error free, optimized production drawings & documentation specific to the shipyards facilities.
  • Once the design moves to the build stage, we can provide the necessary project management and construction oversight to ensure the yacht or commercial vessel is built to the exact design requirements.

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